Friday, January 6, 2012

Meeting of the Minds

Alrighty, Trish and I met today for only about 25 minutes and it was amazing. She has microphones, cell phones and Valentine's Day goodies and I am in LOVE! We went over cost and pricing as well...realizing that some of the die cut collections are created by using a Cricut, the Accucut, a stamp, bling, pearlies and freehand cutting. Seriously? That's a lot of work!!

So, we had to raise the prices on a couple things, but truly, this makes sense. So many of these creations couldn't be duplicated unless you have several different die cutting machines. We're not tooting our own horns or's the truth! Trish is just the bomb when it comes to bringing these pieces together. (This is Erin writing here!!)

I hope you enjoy the new stuff that will come out next week, and we also brought a few things back that sold right away. We're planning on making samples soon that will give you some ideas on how to use our products, AND, we'll even let you purchase some of the samples! Woot!

Thanks for following us! xoxo - E

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